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We are an authorised dealer and installer for Airlift Performance so we can insure you that your vehicle is in safe and capable hands. We can install air suspension on almost anything with wheels, and we specialise in the extra-ordinary where 'off the shelf' kits aren't available. We were the first company on the planet to design and build a 24' Airstream trailer on air-ride suspension! 

The Benefits of installing Air - ride on a road going vehicle are huge. The comfort and driveability on bags has come a long way over the past decade, with systems offering corner to corner compensation and self levelling so bumps and harsh corners are simply absorbed with ease! 

Bags are a perfect choice if you have speed bumps, steep driveways or uneven roads to negotiate and lets not forget how satisfying it is to pull up at a show and drop your vehicle on the floor 'Eating weeds' or 'Laying frame'.

Not only for the driveability and visual enhancements, but Air-ride suspension is also a fantastic theft deterant. Know one is pulling a vehicle up on a trailer with no ground clearance and with the modern digital Air management systems, It becomes difficult to over-ride the system without the main controller which is removeable from the vehicle.

So... what else is there to think about? If reading this hasn't persuaded you yet, please scroll through the gallery below at some of the unique vehicles we have dropped on air suspension.

Alternatively, CLICK HERE to visit our online shop for Air suspension products if you wish to take on the job yourself.

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