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Life started for Old Bones Fabrications officially in May 2015. I had worked through most aspects of the automotive trade by this point and built a vast skillset and knowledge base throughout the 15 years I had been on the tools. Always aiming for the best I could be and accomplish, this was never going to be possible working under someone else's name.

 I originally created the company with a vision to focus on the metal working aspects of a shell restoration or custom build, but my OCD and passion took over very quickly and we ended up becoming a 'one-stop-shop' for all aspects of complete vehicle restoration within the second year of trading. We now tread over 5000sq ft of workshop space in Weyhill nr Andover and are blessed with loyal customers and an expanding reputation. Our talented team have decades of experience between them and are all like minded 'Petrol-heads' so the passion naturally shows in our work. We carry out heavy scrutineering and quality control checks to insure nothing leaves us without my personal seal of approval and the offer of post-completion periodic checks on extensive builds as an added safety measure too.


We are unique compared to other restoration or fabrication shops in the fact that we cater to most elements of the trade under 1 roof. No-one enjoys the hassle of shipping their project from pillar to post, so why don't you sit back and leave everything to us? We can collect your project, completely rebuild it from the ground up to whatever specification you desire and deliver it back to your door. The only hassle you will endure is answering emails and keeping the bills payed. Don't delay anymore and give us a call today.

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