Everything from a full ground up, nut and bolt restoration to a simple panel replacement or repair. We have the tools, jigs and equipment to carry out the job correctly and professionally. We can work to your specification and budget, from a full blown concours show winner to a 'shoestring' daily driver, all in a days (or years) work for us.



Most of the time replacement panels are available for all makes and models, but sometimes they just aren't! We have the skills and the equipment to fabricate and form even the most awkward panels from scratch. Mild steel or Aluminium, we can even form up those compound curves on the English wheel.


Mild steel, stainless and aluminium fabrication and welding services. There isn't much we can't fabricate or weld. Fuel tanks, suspension components, Exhaust systems, brackets even shop and bar installs we have done! It doesn't need to be automotive related so get in touch and see if we can help you. 



We like to bend the rules! Squeezing power plants where they shouldn't really go. Want to swap that 'A' series for a turbo'd hyabussa?? Why not! We cover motorsport applications, fuel injection conversions, throttle bodies, turbo setups, superchargers and management. We also have a local rolling road for tuning. Failing that we cover standard rebuilds and performance alterations.


We work alongside reputable companies such as OMEX, LINK ecu and Vagtronics for our more intensive conversions. We carry out full re-wires in house whether it's 6V or 12V and we can also update and modify your classic with modern luxuries such as alarming, charging systems, central locking, heating and A/C, stereos and GPS etc, etc.


Want to customise or personalise your pride and joy? Many shops will shy away from altering the original aesthetics of a sought after classic, but we love to get involved in something different. We always like to keep in mind when modifying a vehicle that the work could be put back to original if desired too. Custom mods can sometimes lower the value and re-sale market of a classic car.


Chassis refurbishment or a custom rebuild, we can do the lot. With our chassis jig we can fabricate a complete new chassis to within fine tolerance. We can box in original chassis frames, install new front or rear clips, air-ride installations, roll-cages and tubular work and so on. Powdercoating or galvanizing we can also arrange


Most classics 'sail' across our roads, not drive! A common conversion for RWD cars is coilover and 4 link setup with a panhard rod. This improves rear end stability and traction no end! We fabricate all of our 4 link setups in house and we work alongside GAZ shocks Ltd to provide the coilovers suited for the vehicle. The front end is a similar story, we can provide custom shock and coilover conversions when they are not available, fabricate new A arm setups, ARB kits or alternatively mount whole new front suspension clips or cradles.


We are one of the only companies carrying out this innovative idea! Get a complete custom look on your classic steel wheels. Not only will they look unique, but you can also choose a diameter and width you desire to help fill your arches and quench your thirst for a bit of 'stance'. This is a great option when the aftermarket wheel option for your vehicle is slim, or you simply want to retain the originality with a modern twist. Get in touch today to see if we can help you out.

Chassis rebuilds | motorsport fabrication | Ground up restorations | Engine conversions | suspension upgrades | custom fabrication work | Paintwork


From bare panel to paint, we cover the lot! Using a unique scheme designed specifically for classic cars, we can give you the finish you want that will stand the test of time and also offer guarantee on bare metal repaints. We cover repaints on classic cars, motorbikes all through to modern and retro cars. Our paint booth is a Spray bake 8 x 4m internal downdraft with full floor extraction all in house. Get in touch if you wish to enquire about your vehicle.

Chassis rebuilds | motorsport fabrication | Ground up restorations | Engine conversions | suspension upgrades | custom fabrication work | Paintwork
Chassis rebuilds | motorsport fabrication | Ground up restorations | Engine conversions | suspension upgrades | custom fabrication work | Paintwork