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We offer to you our new Cleko tabs! We have designed and created these tabs to allow for a perfect panel fitment every time. 

They are constructed from 2mm stainless steel, de-burred and rumble finished so there are no sharp corners or edges. The tabs can be bent to the form of a shaped panel and they will hold that form. The double tabs are perfect if there is some panel tension to contend with as the 4 clekos will give serious gripping power whilst you place that most important tack weld in the centre hole!


These are not a copy of any other product, we designed and made these ourselves and I don't believe there is another product available like this in the UK.  We have made them as cheap as possible so other car restorers can benefit from this awesome and essential tool!


  • Constructed from 2mm thick stainless steel
  • De-burred
  • Rumble finish
  • 3.2mm ( 1/8" ) Cleko holes
  • Ultimate saver kits available or sold as singles


The Single kit - 5 single tabs and 10 Cleko pins


The Double kit - 4 double tabs and 16 Cleko pins


The Starter package - 5 single tabs, 4 double tabs and 20 Cleko's


The Ultimate package - 10 singles, 6 double tabs and 30 Cleko's

Cleko tab kits

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