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NVU brings you a new way to install aftermarket gauges in your 73-79 Ford Truck dash.  Ditch  those old square gauges and go with a new look altogether. NVU's exclusive CNC laminate brackets and cover pieces create the look you want while providing the info on the vitals you need. Create the look you want while retaining most fo the factory dash appearance, switches and layout.  The exclusive CNC laser-cut mounting bracket features turn signals, hi beam and warning lamps, designed to match the factory viewing angle to kelp you keep your eye on the vitals.  Requires removal of factory bezel "uprights" and installation of NVU cover pieces (included) 6 gauge kits include a factory-match 73-10 ohm fuel gauge to match standard tanks.  Polished stainless steel bezels bring some pop to the dash.

Performance II Series instruments have the combined style of European sports car and racing gauges.  This performance look has a classic gauge feel without the "in-your-face" look of a racing gauge.  Full sweep stepper motors for higher dial resolution and blue LED back lighting at night.  Polished, stainless bezels and flat glass add to the high class, OE installed look.  Just like always, NVU does not have any logos on the dial so the final result will be a professional, custom look.

Looks are only skin deep; all Performance II instruments are based on our Phoenix platform with user select able inputs, OLED screens, stepper motor technology all made in the USA.  All 6 gauge kits with OLED screens feature Phoenix Direct Drive technology, bay far the easiest way to wire up a 6 gauge kit.

1973 - 79 Ford Truck

  • LED  backlighting

    Bold styling

    Easy programming and setup

    Built-in indicators (Turn signal, hi beam, warning lights)

    3-7/16" Speedometer 140 MPH programmable with 1 auxiliary input

    3-7/16" Tachometer 8,000 RPM with TWO auxiliary inputs

    2-1/16" Fuel gauge, programmable (0-90, 240-33, 73-10, 40-250, 0-30, 10-180, 20-150 ohm settings)

    Temperature gauge 140-280 F

    Oil pressure gauge 0-100 PSI

    Voltmeter 9-17 V

    2 ea AMP connector harnesses

    2 ea Programming buttons

    Bushing kit

    Oil pressure sender 99100-04 (1/8-27 NPT, 240-33 Ω)

    Temperature sender 99230-04 (1/8-27 NPT, NVU hi match)

    73-79 F100 Mounting bracket

    *speed sender may be required check your application

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