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Complete kits for 67-72 GM full size trucks from New Vintage USA offer a wide range of styles to fit your stock bezel without modifications to your dash. Each kit is hand crafted to exacting specifications featuring NVU's exclusive mounting bracket with decorative filler dial with integrated dead-front indicators- visible when on, invisible when off for a clean OE look. With a wide range of styles available pick the look that fits tour ride. Each kit comes complete with just about everything to install in your dash. All NVU gauges are compatible with any engine/transmission combination, from old school small blocks to modern LS power plants. All NVU products are made in Detroit and feature a class leading 5-year warranty.

Retro kits have distinctive era-inspired graphics featuring mint green/black fonts, orange pointers and NVUs innovative, industry first floating bezel. Perimiter lighting, flat REAL GLASS lenses and stainless steel bezels make for a high-end look that will last a lifetime. 

Installation is a snap with our exclusive color-coded AMP connector harnesses and easy to adjust back-clamps.  NVU's Phoenix technology behind the scenes drives the gauges with easy to read menu functions, fully programmable inputs for speedo and tach make this the most versatile stand-alone gauge kit on the market!  No additional filters, adapters or driver modules or boxes, NVU instruments run as-is.  New temperature and pressure ranges for today's builds along with programmable, electronic dampened fuel gauge for smooth, easy to see reading without any tank slosh issues. Speedometer operates from any speed signal OE, PCM (computer), aftermarket or even our GPS antenna. 

Now all 67-72 GM truck kits feature NVU's exclusive Phoenix Direct Drive! Easy Driver gauge/minor gauge installation with features found in modern OE vehicles. 

1967 - 72 GM Truck guages

  • Kit includes:

    67-72 GM truck mounting bracket kit

    Speedometer 4-3/8" 140 MPH with Phoenix features and one additional analog input

    Tachometer 4-3/8" 8,000 RPM with Phoenix features and 2 additional inputs

    2-1/16" Fuel gauge 0-90 Ω (GM factory match)

    2-1/16" Voltmeter 10-16V

    2-1/16" Oil pressure 0-100 PSI

    2-1/16" Water temp 140-280 F


    New LED Perimeter lighting

    2 ea AMP connectors

    Water temperature sender Hi Match

    Oil pressure sender 240-33Ω 1/8-27 NPT

    Bushing kit 1/8-27 NPT to 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"


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