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NVU packages for 1947 - 54 Chevy trucks offer everything you are looking for in a direct-fit package.  Each kit includes 2 4-3/8" gauges installed in our exclusive laser-cut mounting bracket with reproduction OE trim bezels for a perfect fit.  Original inspired style has the feel of an original dash with subtle differences, or you can go in a completely different direction to fit the theme of your ride.  


Inspired by military sets, we have duplicated the feel of the very popular aircraft and military gauges of the 30s and 40s, but with modern technology.  Why buy salvage yard gauges that don’t match, or work for that matter?  We started with the military graphics and upgraded to domed lenses and stainless steel bezels for an upscale, “5-Star General” appearance.  The graphics are duplicated down to the smallest detail, and a white-tipped pointer adds to the effect.  The mechanical speedometer features a trip odometer with reset switch.  The patented bi-torque 2-1/16” gauges offer the modern technology behind the scenes to provide accurate readings. The New Vintage 1940 Series gauges are made in the USA and feature our 5-year warranty.

1940 Series 2 gauge Speedo-Quad gauge kits are available in our popular 4-3/8" mounting hole size with polished stainless steel bezels and domed lenses.  Installation is a snap with our exclusive color-coded AMP connector harnesses and easy to adjust back-clamps.  NVU's Phoenix technology behind the scenes drives the gauges with easy to read menu functions, fully programmable inputs for speedo, tach and fuel make this the most versatile stand-alone gauge kit on the market!  Mo additional filters, adapters or driver modules or boxes, NVU instruments run as-is.  New temperature and pressure ranges for today's builds along with programmable, electronic dampened fuel gauge for smooth, easy to see reading without any tank slosh issues. Speedometer operates from any speed signal OE, PCM (computer), aftermarket or even our GPS antenna.  



1947-54 GM Truck - NVU Aviator quad guages

  • NVU Speedo-quad gauge kits include:

    2 EA NVU 47-53 GM truck brackets and reproduction bezels

    Speedometer gauge 4-3/8" mounting hole, programmable with OLED display 140 MPH

    Quad gauge 4-3/8" mounting hole with Fuel (programmable inputs see manual for details) temperature, pressure and vehicle voltage

    2 EAAMP Plug wiring harnesses with color-coded wiring

    Back clamps

    Oil pressure sender 1/8-27 thread 240-33 Ω

    Temperature sender (high match 500-30 Ω)

    Bushing kit with 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2" thread

    Programming button

    Detailed instructions

    *Speed sender and fuel sender may be required, check your application.

    *Fuel sender may be required, check your application

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