We spent hundreds of hours in research and labour into carrying out this engine conversion. Endless evenings fault finding and diagnostics and almost driven to the brink of sanity with wiring diagrams and problems …. It was completely worth it! What we achieved was truly something special. A powerful and economical daily driver with the reliability to boot. What a machine! Enough low end tourque to uproot a tree whilst still returning 40+ MPG. This really is the engine conversion classic enthusiasts have been waiting for

Standard specification for the 3.0L is 181bhp @ 4000rpm with 288lb.ft of torque @ 1750-3000rpm.

Max speed of 140 mph with a 0-60 mph time of 8 seconds. With our conversions we include the base stage 1 remap which claims 215 bhp and close to 400lb.ft of torque! Bigger power gains are easy to chase on these engines with further ECM work, intercooler, turbo and exhaust modifications.


The price can vary on this engine conversion depending on the vehicle and specification, but here is a brief breakdown of the costs:

  • Mounting engine and transmission - fabricating engine mounts and transmission crossmember - tunnel modifications and shifter mounting From £1200+ Vat

  • ECM re-working + stage 1 remap - making wiring loom to plug and play with your existing circuit inc fitting and diagnostics From £1795+ Vat

  • Engine plumbing of cooling system - cooling fan circuit - front mount intercooler and pipework inc fitting From £1495+ Vat

  • Custom made split propshaft inc fitting From £360+ Vat

  • Custom made exhaust system in stainless or mild steel From £750+ Vat

  • Fuel system inc high pressure lines, filter, cooler, new pre-injection pump and fitting primary lift pump inc fitting From £650 + Vat

  • Fuel injector removal, refurbishment and recoding £600+ Vat

We can supply the donor engine, gearbox, loom, ECM and ancillaries needed for the full conversion with a 3 month warranty. This package will get you a health checked engine with service history, fresh oil and filter, swirl flap delete and EGR delete for £1700 +Vat. You can always provide us with the engine but it will void any warranty options.